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Former Checker Highlighted in the Commissionís Public Hearings for his No-Show Job and Mob Ties Pleads Guilty in Federal Court

May 16, 2012

            Former APM Terminal Checker Edward Aulisi pleaded guilty today before U.S. District Court Judge Dennis M. Cavanaugh in Newark federal court. Aulisi pleaded guilty to conspiring to extort Christmastime tributes from ILA Local 1235 members. Aulisi conspired with his father and co-defendant, Vincent Aulisi, the former President of Local 1235, and Genovese Capo Michael Coppola in the scheme. Coppola was convicted in July of 2009 following a trial in the Eastern District of New York of racketeering and racketeering conspiracy, based in part on acts relating to extortion and wire fraud concerning Local 1235. Coppola is presently serving a 16 year sentence of imprisonment.

            Edward Aulisi admitted he participated in telephone calls in furtherance of the extortion conspiracy in March 2007 with Coppola Ė who was then a fugitive from a New Jersey state murder. Aulisi passed on information about the murder investigation and assured Coppola that the Christmastime extortion schemes would continue and in fact had almost doubled under his fatherís union presidency. Aulisi admitted today that it had been his intention to deliver Christmastime tribute money extorted from Local 1235 members to Coppola had Coppola not been arrested shortly after the telephone calls.

            Edward Aulisi was highlighted in the Commissionís Public Hearings and Special Report for his no-show job as a checker at APM terminals. Commission detectives photographed Aulisi at home barbequing and mowing his lawn at times he was being paid for working at the terminal. Aulisiís co-workers admitted they had not seen him at work in years. Additionally, electronically intercepted telephone calls between Aulisi and Coppola discussing the Christmastime extortions were played. Aulisi appeared under subpoena and invoked his Fifth Amendment Right to remain silent rather than answer questions about his no-show job and mob ties. Aulisi was removed from the Port by Commission action November 18, 2009 after being charged with associating with members of organized crime and fraud in having a no-show position.

            Todayís plea carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a $250,000 fine. Aulisiís sentencing is scheduled for September 4, 2012. The case is being prosecuted in the Federal District of New Jersey by the U.S. Attorneyís Offices for the District of New Jersey and the Eastern District of New York.





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