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Longshoreman Pleads Guilty to Promoting Gambling on Behalf of the Gambino Family.

February 29, 2012

            On February 29, 2012, Longshoreman Michael Bolger pleaded guilty to Promoting Gambling in the First Degree, a Class E Felony, before the Honorable Justice Martin P. Murphy of the Kings County Supreme Court. Bolger, as a condition of his plea, was ordered to surrender his waterfront registration with prejudice to the Waterfront Commission.

            Bolger had been suspended by the Commission following his arrest on October 20, 2011. He was one of eleven defendants charged with Enterprise Corruption, Gambling in the First Degree and Conspiracy in the Fifth Degree. The indictment alleged that Bolger and his co-defendants operated an illegal gambling ring in parts of New york and New Jersey from 2010 to 2011 on behalf of the Gambino Organized Crime Family.







Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor