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Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

Maintenance Man’s Registration Revoked for Fraud, Unwanted Sexual Contact, Damage to Terminal Property and Threats to his Foreman.

August 23, 2010

By Commission Order dated August 23, 2010, the registration of Roy Marohn, a maintenance man working at Port Newark Maintenance and Repair, was revoked for numerous violations of the Waterfront Commission Act.

After a hearing, the Administrative Law Judge determined that Marohn committed fraud, deceit and misrepresentation on his application and during a sworn Commission interview about his cocaine use. It was also determined that Marohn engaged in nonconsensual sexual contact with a female security officer while at work. Furthermore, the ALJ found that Marohn threatened his foreman with weapons on two separate occasions and willfully damaged property, all at a waterfront terminal.

Due to these serious offenses, the Commission determined that Marohn’s presence at the piers constitutes a danger to the public peace or safety and his registration as a maintenance man was revoked.



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Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor