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September 10, 2019

The Commission ordered the revocation of the registration of longshoreman Vincenzo Randazzo, 53, of Brooklyn, New York, a reefer mechanic since 2004, following a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ).

The ALJ found that Randazzo’s association with Emanuele Favuzza- a soldier in the Colombo crime family, convicted racketeer and career offender- was inimical to the policies of the Waterfront Commission Act. Randazzo had admitted during a sworn interview with the Commission, and at the administrative hearing, that he lived in Favuzza’s family home for four years and he considered Favuzza a trusted friend that he had known for decades and even gave access to his credit card.

Randazzo also admitted during the hearing that he engaged in three separate acts of shoplifting at a Target store in Brooklyn, NY although he had falsely denied such conduct in two previous sworn interviews with the Commission. He was finally arrested after his third theft from the location where Randazzo had shoplifted merchandise valued at $30.07 when he had $3000.00 in his possession. In addition, Randazzo never reported his arrest to the Commission as required by the Waterfront Commission Act. The Kings County District Attorney’s Office subsequently adjourned the criminal case in contemplation of dismissal and the matter was later dismissed.

The ALJ found that Randazzo’s position was highly sensitive and vulnerable to corruption. By virtue of his access to valuable perishable merchandise, it could lead to theft and possession of stolen property which is a problem on the port.

Ultimately, the ALJ found that given his committing these acts, Randazzo’s presence at the piers or other waterfront terminals in the Port of New York District constitutes a danger to the public peace or safety. After considering the entire record, the Commission adopted the ALJ’s findings and followed his recommendation that Randazzo’s registration be revoked.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor