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Former NYC EMT Withdraws Port Watchman Application During Administrative Hearing

January 31 2019

   Brendan Shipley, 38, of Jersey City, New Jersey, requested that his application for a Port Watchman License be withdrawn with prejudice in the middle of an administrative hearing before an Administrative Law Judge in which the Commission charged Shipley with lacking good character and integrity, the standard for a Port Watchman in the Port of New York District.

   A Notice of Hearing against Shipley alleged that during his employment as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) with the New York City Fire Department from 2002 - 2016, he violated the EMT disciplinary code on multiple occasions, ultimately culminating in his resignation from the FDNY in lieu of termination. Among the disciplinary issues Shipley faced as an EMT, which were charged by the Commission in the Notice of Hearing, were the following: sleeping while on duty; chronic delay in responding to assignments; getting a haircut while on duty; failing to monitor the radio frequency for fifteen minutes; failing to report for duty; repetitive lateness for duty after being warned; wearing non-Department issued clothing after being warned; and becoming argumentative with a dispatcher. Shipley was also charged in the Notice of Hearing with committing fraud, deceit or misrepresentation during a sworn interview with the Commission in which he minimized the number of disciplinary issues he had faced as an EMT.

   During the hearing, the Commission presented the testimony of Joseph Palazzolo, Supervisor of Disciplinary Counsel for the FDNY’s Bureau of Investigations and Trials. Mr. Palazzolo described and explained the various charges contained in the numerous FDNY disciplinary records in evidence. After the presentation of Mr. Palazzolo’s testimony, the Commission rested its case-in-chief. Shipley then requested to withdraw his application with prejudice. Based on all the evidence, the Commission granted Shipley’s request to withdraw his application with prejudice.

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