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Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

Commission Removes Longshoreman from Regular List Gang After Expulsion from ILA Local

On April 20, 2010, the Waterfront Commission, pursuant to Section 7.10(5) of the Rules and Regulations, removed longshoreman John Nicaretta from Regular List Gang 140201. Nicaretta has been expelled from ILA Local 1588 based upon a finding of the Court appointed Administrator of the Local that Nicaretta participated in conduct which furthered the influence of organized crime on the waterfront; was contrary to the injunctive provisions of the 1992 Consent Decree prohibiting members of ILA Local 1588 from having contact with associates of organized crime, specifically Nicholas Furina; and violated the bylaws of the Local and the ILA International Constitution.

Nicaretta had been serving as foreman for the Bayonne Auto Terminal Pier 1402 because of his number one position on the Regular List Gang 140201. The Commissioners determined that allowing Nicaretta the privilege of priority in hiring as foreman at the Bayonne Auto Terminal frustrated the purpose of the 1992 Consent Decree, the purpose of Nicaretta's expulsion from Local 1588 and of the Waterfront Commission Act.

The Commission has also filed a Notice of Hearing seeking to revoke Nicaretta's registration as a longshoreman based upon his contact with members and associates of organized crime.

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Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor