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Longshoreman Surrenders Registration with Prejudice Following Charges of Organized Crime Associations, Causing Physical Injury to Police Officers, Stealing a Phone Belonging to a Police Officer, Operation of a Motor Vehicle While Intoxicated, Cocaine Use, and False Testimony

November 2, 2018

Today, the Commission accepted the request of Vito Lavignani, 40, of Staten Island, New York, to surrender his registration as a longshoreman with prejudice. Lavignani operated machinery at Global Container Terminals in Bayonne, New Jersey. He faced charges at an administrative hearing of violating the Waterfront Commission Act because of inimical associations with organized crime figures, false testimony during a sworn interview, disqualifying misdemeanor convictions, and representing a danger to the public peace or safety by his presence at the piers or other waterfront terminals in the Port of New York district. Specifically, he was accused of the following:

  1. Association with Anthony (“Tough Tony” or “Tony Parkside”) Federici, a capo (captain) of the Genovese crime family;
  2. Association with Michael “Mickey Dimino” Generoso, an underboss of the Genovese crime family who was convicted of a racketeering activity;
  3. False testimony during an interview at the offices of the Waterfront Commission that he had never heard or knew that either Federici or Generoso were linked to the Genovese crime family or an organized crime group;
  4. Disqualifying misdemeanor convictions for Driving While Intoxicated in 2007 and 2017;
  5. Causing physical injury to three (3) police officers by resisting arrest;
  6. Forcibly stealing a cellular phone belonging to a police officer;
  7. Operation of a motor vehicle while intoxicated after receiving warnings and a suspension by the Commission for two earlier occasions when he drove under the influence or while intoxicated; and
  8. Possession and use of cocaine after receiving warnings during interviews at the offices of the Waterfront Commission against drug use.

Today, the Commission barred Lavignani from the waterfront by accepting his request for the surrender with prejudice of his registration as a longshoreman.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor