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Checker Registration Revoked for Fraudulent Loan Application from Pension Fund

June 11, 2018

The checker registration of Ann Marie Ceballos, 42, of Linden, New Jersey was revoked by the Commission following a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and her appearance before the Commission. The ALJ found that Ceballos has conspired with and assisted fellow checker Benvenuti Pugliese in obtaining over $30,000 from the Prudential Pension Fund by submitting fraudulent documents in support of a loan application to purchase property. The documents submitted to the Prudential Pension Fund included a phony purchase agreement for property located at an address that did not exist and false information about the supposed property’s sellers, attorney representation and realtor location. The ALJ found that Ceballos lacked the requisite good character and integrity required of a checker when she assisted in submitting the false information. The Commissioners heard from Ceballos and her attorney and after questioning her agreed with the ALJ’s findings and ordered the revocation of Ceballos’ registration as a checker.

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