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Port Worker’s Application Withdrawn with Prejudice Following Evidence of Organized Crime Association

May 1, 2018

   Today, the Commission accepted the request of Steven Zeni, 41, of Guttenberg, NJ, to withdraw with prejudice his application for registration as an automobile warehouse worker in Port Newark, New Jersey, for FAPS, Inc. He was facing forty (40) charges at an administrative hearing, including allegations that he violated the Waterfront Commission Act by associating with Peter LaFroscia. LaFroscia was part of the murderous Gambino crime family crew of Roy DeMeo. LaFroscia was convicted of a conspiracy to transport stolen automobiles overseas, impersonating a federal agent, and drug trafficking. The Notice of Hearing alleged that Zeni had failed to disclose his knowledge of and association with LaFroscia on a sworn application and during a sworn interview. Zeni was also accused of disqualifying convictions, failure to disclose his arrests for theft among other crimes or offenses, and representing a danger to the public peace or safety by his presence on the piers.

   Facing charges of violating the Waterfront Commission Act, Zeni requested the withdrawal with prejudice of his application for registration. Today, the Commission accepted the request, thereby barring Zeni from working on the ports of New York Harbor.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor