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Application for Port Watchman Denied Due to Association with Organized Crime Members
and Fraud, Deceit & Misrepresentation on Application

March 27, 2018

The application for Port Watchman (Security Officer) of Amedeo Mancusi, 47, of Englishtown, NJ, was denied today by the Commission after an administrative hearing. The Commission found that Mancusi associated with two members of organized crime and failed to report such associations on his Application. Specifically, the Commission proved that Mancusi knew Gambino Family Acting Capo Frank Camuso for almost twenty years, as well as Bonanno Consigliere John “Porky” Zancocchio. Mancusi had business dealings with both and held his daughter’s sweet sixteen party at Zancocchio’s restaurant; an event attended by both Camuso and Zancocchio. Despite these facts, Mancusi indicated on his application that he never knowingly associated with any members of organized crime. In his decision, Chief Administrative Law Judge McGinley noted that Mancusi testified that he extensively vetted his business clients on the internet, but denied knowing the two men were members of organized crime. The Court found that the applicant’s association with Camuso and Zancocchio “created the appearance that they could exercise influence or control over Applicant as a pier guard; thus such association was inimical to the policies of the Waterfront Act.” Accordingly, the Chief Administrative Law Judge recommended denial of Mancusi’s application for Port Watchman to the Commission. The Commission agreed with the Court’s findings and recommendation and denied Mancusi’s application as a Port Watchman.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor