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Registrations Revoked for Conspiracy to Move Massive Amounts of Narcotics Through the Port

February 27, 2018

   After separate administrative hearings before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), the registrations of Henry Machado, Jr., 57, a checker, and Yampier Odoardo, 41, a longshoreman, have been revoked by the Waterfront Commission following recommendations by the ALJ. Both Machado, Jr. and Odoardo had previously pled guilty in U.S. Federal District Court in Manhattan to engaging in a conspiracy to move massive quantities of cocaine from Panama through the New York/New Jersey Port. As part of the crime, custom seals were broken to smuggle in the narcotics.

   Both men have been suspended from working at the port since their initial arrests in October, 2010.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor