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Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

Date: April 06, 2010

Maintenance Man’s Registration Revoked After His Failure to Submit to a Drug Test

By Commission Order dated April 6, 2010, the registration of Joseph Ritornaro, a maintenance man working at Port Newark Maintenance and Repair, was revoked after his failure to appear for a chain of custody drug and alcohol test.

The action was the result of an investigation conducted by the Commission into illegal drug use at Port Newark Maintenance & Repair. As part of the investigation, Ritornaro appeared at the offices of the Commission for an interview and was instructed to report for a drug and alcohol test. During the interview, Ritonaro was warned numerous times that if he failed to appear for the drug test that it would serve as an indication that, if such a test was administered, the result would have been positive. Despite these warnings, Ritornaro failed to appear for the drug

Ritonaro was charged with violations of the Waterfront Commission Act, including, inter alia, failure to produce material evidence in connection with an investigation being conducted by the Commission. At the hearing, Ritornaro failed to offer a reasonable excuse for his failure to appear for the drug test to the Administrative Law Judge and as a result, Ritornaro’s registration was revoked.


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