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Checker’s Registration Revoked for Association with Members of the Gambino Crime Family

September 19, 2017

   John S. Riccobono, 39, of Manalapan, New Jersey, had his Longshoreman Registration as a Checker revoked today by the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor following a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) for associating with members of the Gambino crime family.

   The evidence at the hearing demonstrated, and the Commission found, that Riccobono associated with high-ranking members of the Gambino Crime Family, including Gambino Capos Joseph “Sonny” Juliano and Vincent Romano, Gambino Soldiers John F. Riccobono and Sam Riccobono, and Ronald Ferrari, a Gambino Associate.

   The evidence showed that Riccobono frequently socialized with these individuals, including attending Gambino Crew Dinners in Brooklyn and Staten Island in 2010, and invited many of them to his daughter’s christening in 2014. Sonny Juliano, Vincent Romano, and Ronald Ferrari also have convictions for racketeering activity. While registered as a Checker, Riccobono even visited Sonny Juliano in prison while Juliano was incarcerated.

   The Commission determined that Riccobono did associate with these individuals who are 1) members or associates of an organized crime group, 2) career offenders, and 3) many of them have been convicted of racketeering activity. The Commission determined that Riccobono’s associations with these individuals are inimical to the Waterfront Commission Act.

   The Commission also found that Riccobono failed to disclose his association with these members of the Gambino Crime Family during two Article IV interviews with the Commission where he was under oath, thereby he also committed fraud, deceit or misrepresentation. As a Checker, the Commission found that Riccobono lacks the good character and integrity required to hold such registration. The Commission unanimously ordered that the Registration of John S. Riccobono as a Checker be revoked immediately.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor