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March 16, 2010-

Maintenance Man Removed from Waterfront for Association with a Member of Organized Crime


            By Commission Order, dated March 16, 2010, Roy Maglori, a maintenance man at AG Ship Maintenance was removed from working on the Waterfront for his association with Angelo “the Horn” Prisco, a captain or capo in the Genovese Crime Family. Maglori communicated and visited with Prisco while he was in prison, transferred money to his commissary account, and attended his 2009 criminal trial. At the conclusion of his criminal trial, Prisco was found guilty of racketeering, extortion, robbery, and the 1992 murder of his cousin, as a consequence of which he was sentenced to life in prison.

            In a telephone conversation from prison on September 10, 2008, Maglori and Prisco discussed Maglori’s new job on the Waterfront. After Maglori complained about how hard he had to work at his Waterfront job, Prisco directed Maglori to see “Nicky” or his son “Anthony” whom he described as “good people”. The capo told Maglori that both “know you’re my friend”. “They know I am close to you. They’ll take care of you, Roy”. 

            This action was the result of the Commission’s approval of the request of Maglori to withdraw his maintenance man application with prejudice as set forth in an accusatory instrument which charged Maglori with associating with organized crime, a violation of the Waterfront Commission Act. 


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