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Application for a Checker Position Denied Based Upon False Representation in Application

September 19, 2017

   Andrew Marano Jr., 29, of Staten Island, New York, had his application as a Checker denied by the Commission following a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) and an appearance before the Commission. The evidence at the hearing showed that in his application, Marano denied having associated with any organized crime figures. During interviews with the Commission, however, Marano testified that for over two years, he had dated the daughter of Charles “Charlie Tuna” Giustra, an associate of the Lucchese crime family, who was convicted in federal court of the robbery of a truck delivering cigarettes. Marano had admitted going to his girlfriend’s house, knowing that her father would be there. He also acknowledged that he was aware that Giustra was going to prison for the robbery. Judge Patrick W. McGinley, Chief Administrative Law Judge, found that the Applicant was not truthful in his dealings with the Commission when he denied knowing Giustra’s association with organized crime at the time he submitted his longshoreman application. In his decision, the ALJ opined that Marano lacked good character and integrity, the standard that is necessary for a Checker position.

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