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Port Watchman Surrenders License with Prejudice Following Charge of Attempted Misappropriation of Money from Maher Terminals

August 14, 2017

   Today, the Commission accepted the request of Dominick Ricigliano to surrender his license as a port watchman (security officer) with prejudice. He had faced charges at an administrative hearing that he had violated the Waterfront Commission Act. A Notice of Hearing alleged that Ricigliano had willfully attempted to misappropriate money from his employer, Maher Terminals LLC, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, by creating or reinforcing a false impression that he worked during a period of time when he was, in fact, not working. In addition, the Notice of Hearing alleged that Ricigliano lacked good character and integrity and had violated multiple regulations pertaining to security officers.

   Today, the Commission barred Ricigliano from the waterfront by accepting his request for the surrender of his license as a port watchman with prejudice.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor