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November 18, 2009-

Checker Removed from Waterfront for Association with Organized Crime


            By Commission Order, dated November 18, 2009, Edward Aulisi, a checker and son of former ILA Local 1235 President Vincent Aulisi was removed from working on the Waterfornt for his association with Michael AKA “Mikey Cigars” Coppola.  Coppola, a known captain in the Genovese Crime Family and then-fugitive from justice and Edward Aulisi had two conversations that were legally intercepted by the FBI.

            During these conversations, Edward Aulisi and Coppola discussed matters pertaining to ILA Local 1235, of which Edward Aulisi’s father, Vincent Aulisi was President of at the time.  Shortly after these conversations became public, Edward Aulisi was expelled by the ILA.  In 2009, Michael Coppola was convicted in the Eastern District of racketeering and is currently awaiting sentencing.  These conversations were presented as evidence at that trial.  

            This action was the result of the Commission’s approval of the request of Aulisi to withdraw his checker application with prejudice as set forth in an accusatory instrument which charged Aulisi with associating with organized crime, a violation of the Waterfront Commission Act.  Aulisi was also charged with failing to work for hours for which he was paid.  He was photographed by Waterfront Commission Detectives at his home on two separate occasions in September, while he was supposed to be working, conducting such tasks as mowing his lawn and grilling food on his barbeque. 


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