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May 30, 2017

   Filippo Bonura, 42, of Oceanside, New York, who has been a longshoreman since 2005, had his registration revoked by the Commission today following an administrative hearing.

   The evidence at the hearing showed that Bonura associated with three Bonanno Crime Family members: Giacomo “Jack” Bonventre, an acting capo in the Bonanno Crime Family who is a career offender; Ronald “Ronnie G” Giallanzo, a capo in the Bonanno Crime Family who is a career offender and convicted racketeer; and Sandro ”Santo” Aiosa, a soldier in the Bonanno Crime Family who is a career offender and convicted racketeer.

   The Commission established that as a teenager, Bonura worked for Bonventre in a deli owned by Bonventre and later worked as a tow truck driver for a collision shop operated by Bonventre. In addition, the Commission proved that Bonura and Bonventre continued to communicate frequently as recently as October 2015.

   Regarding Bonanno Crime Family members Aiosa and Giallanzo, the Commission established that Bonura was in communication with each of them on multiple occasions as recently as September and October, 2015, respectively.

   The Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) found that Bonura’s association with three members of the Bonanno Crime Family gave “the clear perception that he could be influenced by them and presents the perception of an unacceptable risk of corruption that should not be tolerated.” The ALJ also cited Bonura’s previous addiction to drugs and problems with gambling and found that Bonventre’s conviction for gambling and extortion and his association with Aiosa, who also had gambling convictions, put Bonura “at a risk for corruption if he should ever lose so much gambling that he needs money” The ALJ recommended that Bonura’s registration be revoked and the Commissioners concurred.

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