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Former PNCT General Foreman Revoked After Conviction for Conspiracy to Commit Extortion

June 01, 2016

Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the revocation of the registration of Longshoreman Michael Nicolosi. Nicolosi was the general foreman at the Port Newark Auto Terminal, employed by Port America, Inc. in that capacity. Nicolosi’s registration had been suspended in 2011 following his indictment for his then alleged participation in the Genovese Family’s thirty year extortion of ILA Members Container Royalty or “Christmas” bonus check. In 2014, Nicolosi pled guilty to Conspiracy to Commit Extortion (a felony), admitting his participation in Extortion of his follow longshoremen. Following his sentencing, the Commission proceeded with an administrative hearing to revoke his registration based upon his felony conviction. After a hearing, the Administrative Law Judge recommended the revocation of his registration, concluding that all the charges contained on the Notice of Hearing had been found. The Commission, therefore, ordered the immediate revocation of Nicolosi’s registration. The case was handled by Commission Director of Port Operations Jeff Schoen.

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