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Brooklyn Longshoreman Removed from Waterfront for Theft and Fraud

November 2, 2015

           Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the removal of longshoreman Richard Orland, who worked at Red Hook Container Terminal in Brooklyn. After a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Orland, while registered as a longshoreman, stole property from Home Depot – specifically a power battery bank and a multi-tool item. He then failed to report the resulting arrest to the Commission.

           In addition to the theft, the Administrative Law Judge found that Orland committed fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation in order to secure inclusion on the longshoremen’s register. Orland was among the individuals whom the International Longshoremen’s Association referred for employment and whom the Commission issued temporary registration pursuant to Determination 36. On paperwork that he filed with the Commission, Orland indicated that he had never been disciplined by any previous employers and that he left a job as a computer technician in order to secure full-time employment. In truth, Orland’s previous job as a computer technician was full-time and he had been terminated for cause.

           The Commission agreed with the Administrative Law Judge’s findings. The Commission found that Orland’s theft indicated that his presence at the piers or other waterfront terminals in the Port of New York District represents a danger to the public peace or safety. The Commission also found that his fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation and failure to report his arrest warranted his removal from the waterfront. The Commission, therefore, ordered the immediate revocation of Orland’s registration as a longshoreman.


Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor