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Crane Operator Revoked for Associating with Organized Crime Figures, Convicted Racketeers, and Career Offenders

September 1, 2015

           Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the immediate revocation of the longshoreman registration of crane operator Dominick Dinapoli. After a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Dinapoli had associated with the following career offenders:

  • Mario Gallo, a hitman of the Bonanno and Lucchese Crime Families who was convicted of murder in aid of racketeering and conspiracy to distribute cocaine, among other charges. Dinapoli visited Gallo in prison and transferred money into Gallo’s prison commissary account. Following Gallo’s release from prison, Dinapoli introduced him to other longshoreman, including crane operators and a checker who hold sensitive positions on the waterfront.

  • Samuel Santiago, a Latin King and convicted racketeer. On 15 occasions, Dinapoli transferred money into Santiago’s prison commissary account.

  • Katosh Pantoliano, a career offender convicted in connection to robberies of narcotics traffickers and gambling parlors. Dinapoli was in contact with Pantoliano both during and between the latter’s stints in prison.

  • Convicted drug traffickers Frank Pellegrino, William Brown, Ricky Marrow Jr., and Donta Douglas Nelson. Dinapoli associated with these career offenders during their incarcerations. He was in phone contact with one of these inmates and transferred $2,600 into the commissary accounts of the other inmates.

               The Administrative Law Judge found that Dinapoli’s associations created “an unacceptable risk of corruption” and were “adverse to the public confidence and trust in the credibility, integrity and stability of the Waterfront and in the strict regulated process of the Waterfront Commission Act.” The Administrative Law Judge further found that Dinapoli “undermined the Commission’s continuing efforts to ensure public peace or safety by reducing corruption on the Waterfront.”

               In addition to the findings of the Administrative Law Judge, the Commissioners found that Dinapoli had committed fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation by falsely testifying under oath regarding his associations with prison inmates and Gallo’s interactions with longshoremen during a trip to the Dominican Republic. The Commission adopted the Administrative Law Judge’s recommendation to revoke Dinapoli's registration as a longshoreman.

               The revocation proceeding against Dinapoli was the product of investigations by the Waterfront Commission and the U.S. Probation Department for the Eastern District of New York.


  • Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor