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Checker Revoked for Associating with Genovese Soldier and Misappropriating Money from Maher Terminals

January 21, 2015

           Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the immediate revocation of the registration of checker Seth Dolled. After a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Dolled associated with Joseph Queli, a convicted racketeer, career offender, and soldier in the Genovese Crime Family. The judge also found that, on multiple occasions, Dolled misappropriated money from his employer, Maher Terminals, in Elizabeth, New Jersey.

           The Administrative Law Judge found that, as a soldier of the Genovese Crime Family, Joseph Queli was responsible for loansharking and illegal gambling operations at multiple locations, including Maher Terminals. Queli has been convicted of both racketeering and loansharking. Dolled, a checker at Maher Terminals associated with Queli. Dolled lived at Queli's home, gambled and vacationed with Queli, and visited Queli in prison. Dolled also co-owns Forgotten Boardwalk Brewing LLC (FBB), a business that was based in Queli's home. Queli's home equity loan was the source of $284,545 of financing for Dolled's business. The Administrative Law Judge found that Dolled, "through the incorporation of [FBB]... and loans associated therewith, developed a financial association with Joseph Queli. Such a financial relationship with a loanshark would be inimical to the integrity of the waterfront and to the policies of the Waterfront Commission Act ...."

           The Administrative Law Judge also found that Dolled "misappropriated money from Maher by creating a false impression that he was working at Maher during periods of time when he was, in fact, not working, as a result of which he was paid during said periods of time ...." Dolled collected overtime pay for work at Maher Terminals when he was, in fact, at the home of Joseph Queli.

           The Commission concurred with the Administrative Law Judge's finding that Dolled lacks the requisite good character and integrity for continuation of his registration as a checker. As a result, effective today, Dolled's registration as a checker is revoked.


Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor