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Checker Revoked for Illegal Possession and Use of Oxycodone and Attempting to Falsify a Urine Drug Test

November 18, 2014

           On November 18, 2014, the Commission unanimously ordered the revocation of the registration of checker Jason Valenti. After a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Valenti lacked the requisite good character and integrity that is required of checkers. The Commission concurred with the factual findings of the Administrative Law Judge and revoked Valentiís registration as a checker.

           Valenti had been convicted of Possession of a Controlled Dangerous Substance, a third degree crime, in the Superior Court of Monmouth County, New Jersey and sentenced to three years of probation, ordered to complete community service and also ordered to pay fines. Valentiís conviction was a result of his failure to comply with the terms of his Pre-Trial Intervention. Specifically, Valenti attempted to falsify a urine test that was administered by probation officers from the Monmouth County Probation Department. After Valentiís attempt was discovered, he then failed a urine drug test that same day by testing positive for Oxycodone. Valenti also failed to perform the requisite seventy-five hours of community service and failed to meet with his probation officer as required by the terms of his Pre-Trial Intervention. Valenti also admitted to illegally purchasing and using Roxicodone during an interview with the Waterfront Commission.











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