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Crane Operator who Unlawfully Distributed Drugs to the President and Members of ILA Local 1588 Revoked Along with Co-Conspirator Longshoreman

Novemver 18, 2014

           Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the revocation of the registrations of Kenny Picinich and Domenick Mirkovic as longshoremen.

           Following a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Kenny Picinich, a crane operator, conspired to distribute oxycodone, methadone, Xanax, and Suboxone. He also used the drugs without a valid prescription. Picinich was twice arrested on drug charges. In connection with these arrests, Picinich lied to police officers regarding his unlawful possession of methadone and his conspiracy to purchase oxycodone.

           Domenick Mirkovic was among the longshoremen who purchased drugs from Kenny Picinich. The Administrative Law Judge found that Mirkovic conspired with Kenny Picinich to possess oxycodone and Xanax. The Administrative Law Judge also found that Mirkovic was under the influence of oxycodone and Percocet while working as a longshoreman. Mirkovic operated a motor vehicle while under the influence of oxycodone and Xanax, causing him to fall asleep at the wheel and hit a parked car, resulting in his vehicle overturning. The Administrative Law Judge found that Mirkovic committed fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation during a sworn interview by not disclosing that he had obtained oxycodone from four longshoremen, including Kenny Picinich.

           Both Picinich and Mirkovic are members of ILA Local 1588. The Commission previously removed from the waterfront 5 other Local 1588 members, including the Local’s president, following proceedings related to the Picinich and Mirkovic investigations, specifically:

            The Commission revoked the longshoreman registrations of Kenny Picinich’s brothers, Dino and Jason, for using and distributing oxycodone.

            Crane operator Ronald Galosic was decasualized following suspensions for twice refusing to submit to drugs tests on the pier. In the Mirkovic case, the Administrative Law Judge found that Galosic was an oxycodone distributor.

            The Commission revoked the longshoreman registration of Jason Poesl for failing to appear for a drug test, committing fraud during an interview, and using cocaine, heroin, and Xanax on and off of the pier.

            The Commission revoked the longshoreman registration of Virgilio Maldonado, the president of ILA Local 1588, who purchased oxycodone from Kenny Picinich. Although aware that Kenny Picinich was using and distributing oxycodone, Maldonado failed to take official action, in violation of his fiduciary duty to ILA Local 1588 and its members. Maldonado further violated his fiduciary duty by taking no action when he believed that Kenny Picinich reported to work as a crane operator under the influence of oxycodone, thereby placing members of ILA Local 1588 and others in potential danger.

            The revocation proceedings against Picinich and Mirkovic were the products of investigations by the Waterfront Commission and the Police Departments of Leonia, Little Ferry, and Cliffside Park, New Jersey.





Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor