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Commission Revokes Longshore Registration of ILA Local 1588 President for Violating his Duty of Fidelity to the Union and Its Members and Conspiring to Illegally Possess and Use Oxycodone

April 22, 2014

           Today, the Commission unanimously ordered the revocation of the longshoreman registration of ILA Local 1588 president Virgilio Maldonado.

           Following a hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that Maldonado conspired with another longshoreman, who was a crane operator and member of ILA Local 1588, to illegally possess Oxycodone. Although he was aware that his co-conspirator was using and distributing oxycodone, Maldonado failed to take official action, in violation of his fiduciary duty to ILA Local 1588 and its members. He further violated his fiduciary duty by taking no action when he believed that his co-conspirator reported to work as a crane operator under the influence of oxycodone, thereby placing members of ILA Local 1588 and others in potential danger. The Administrative Law Judge also found that Maldonado illegally possessed and used Oxycodone in 2011 and 2012. He determined that Maldonado’s continued presence on the piers constituted a danger to the public peace and safety.

           The Commission concurred with the factual findings of the Administrative Law Judge and revoked Maldonado’s registration as a longshoreman.

            Related hearings of Maldonado’s co-conspirator and three other members of ILA Local 1588 for distribution, possession or use of Oxycodone are pending.

            The revocation proceeding was the product of an investigation by the Leonia, New Jersey Police Department and the Waterfront Commission.








Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor