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Commission Denies Longshoreman’s Request for Re-instatement after He Presents Forged Doctor’s Notes and Commits Fraud in Interview

March 11, 2014

           The Commission today denied longshoreman Craig Montgomery’s Request for Re-instatement. Montgomery was previously decasualized on September 17, 2013 for failing to meet his work requirements. In support of his Request for Re-instatement, Montgomery submitted several forged notes purportedly from his doctor to explain his absences from the Port. These notes contained altered dates in an attempt to show he appeared at the doctor’s office on the dates in question when in fact he did not.

           Furthermore, Montgomery committed fraud, deceit and misrepresentation during his Article IV interview, when he testified under oath that he appeared at the doctor’s office on the dates in question when he did not appear on those dates. The Waterfront Commission denied Montgomery’s Request for Re-instatement as he failed to establish the requisite good cause for his failure to meet work requirements.








Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor