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Commission Denies Request for Reinstatement of Checker who Sold Oxycodone, Purchased Drugs from a Longshoreman, Abused Oxycodone Prescriptions, Used Heroin, and Committed Frauds

December 17, 2013

           Today, the Commission unanimously denied a request for reinstatement by checker Anthony Sellitti. Sellitti had been removed from the waterfront (decasualized) after failing to meet work and work availability requirements. Today, the Commission found that Sellitti lacked good cause for missing these requirements.

           Specifically, the Commission found that Sellitti committed fraud, deceit, and misrepresentation in a sworn interview by failing to disclose that he and another longshoreman illegally sold drugs (Oxycodone pills). He also committed fraud on his Request for Reinstatement in response to a question about his illegal use of drugs. The Commission found that Sellitti's abuse of Oxycodone and his lack of commitment to rehabilitation indicated that he lacked good cause for reinstatement as a checker.








Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor