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Statement by Port Authority on this Week's Meeting on Hiring Issues in the Port of New York and New Jersey

November 7, 2013

           Press Release Number: 112-2013

           "As the agency that oversees the largest port complex on the East Coast, our goal is simple: To continue to build on the 280,000 jobs and billions of dollars in economic activity that the Port of New York and New Jersey provides to the region. This week, we had a productive meeting with the Waterfront Commission and the New York Shipping Association over hiring at the port at a time when there is a real need for additional employees on the docks. All parties made a great deal of progress, which when effected, will result in the hiring of hundreds of ILA members in the short term. Though work needs to be done to finalize the agreement, we are optimistic as we continue to work with both parties towards a settlement. All parties agree that the Waterfront Commission was and is not delaying hiring, and applicants are actively being referred and processed. All stakeholders continue to work in a cooperative fashion to put people to work as quickly possible."








Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor