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Pier Superintendent’s License Revoked for Refusal to Take Commission Ordered Drug Tests

November 5, 2013

           Red Hook Container Terminal Probationary Pier Superintendent Thomas Griffith’s license has been revoked for refusing to take Commission ordered urine and hair tests for drug use. At the time he was ordered to take the tests, Griffith was advised that failure to appear for the tests would be considered a positive result and could result in the revocation of his license.

           Griffith had previously been denied a Pier Superintendent’s license in 2008 after it was found that he lacked the required good character and integrity because of prior drug use and false testimony about his drug use. On application of Red Hook Container Terminal dated April 27, 2012, Griffith was issued a temporary, probationary license. Before permanent licensure, Griffith was ordered by the Commission to be tested for illegal drug usage. Griffith failed to appear for the tests.

           After a hearing on the charges, an Administrative Law Judge found that Griffith failed to provide material evidence as required by the Commission (the drug tests) and lacked the requisite good character and integrity required of a Pier Superintendent citing his “historical penchant for fabrication by evasion” regarding his drug use. The Administrative Law Judge recommended that Griffith’s temporary license be revoked and his application for a permanent license be denied. The Commission concurred with the Administrative Law Judge’s findings and revoked his temporary license and denied his application for a permanent license.







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