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Former Secretary Treasurer of Local 1233 Sentenced to Jail for Embezzlement of Union Funds

September 12, 2013

           Gregory “Ronnie” Taylor, the former Secretary Treasurer of ILA Local 1233, was sentenced yesterday by the Honorable Joel A. Pisano in federal court in Trenton, New Jersey. Taylor was sentenced to six months in jail, followed by six months of house arrest and three years of supervised release. Taylor was also ordered by the Court to pay $71,000 in restitution to Local 1233 for his role in the embezzlement of union funds. Taylor had pleaded guilty on February 26, 2013 to issuing a vacation check for $7,852 to himself without authorization. Taylor also admitted that between 2007 and 2010, while secretary-treasurer, he embezzled a total of $71,000 by improperly cashing duplicate paychecks, as well as other checks from the union’s operating account, including for unauthorized credit card expenditures.

           Taylor had been arrested on September 15, 2011 for stealing more than $100,000 in union funds for his personal use. The case was investigated by the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor (Detectives Albanese and Petrillo, Assistant Counsel Michelle Demeri and Deputy Director of Audit Jared Filus) the United States Department of Labor. The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of New Jersey (AUSA V. Grady O’Malley) prosecuted the case.








Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor