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Checker Revoked by the Waterfront Commission for Promoting Gambling on Behalf of the DeCavalcante Crime Family

January 22, 2013

           Checker Kevin Latham had his license revoked by Commission order for promoting gambling. Latham and others were involved in an illegal gambling operation based on the New Jersey Pick-6 lottery involving thousands of betters and jackpots ranging from $30,000.00 to $40,000.00. Latham was identified as a runner in the gambling operation, collecting money and bets from various bettors at the Port and receiving tips when a bettor won. Latham was also identified as the “moneyman,” paying off the winners and taking a portion of the money off the top. The betting ring was headed by Dennis Costello who pleaded guilty to Promoting Gambling in violation of NJSA 2C:37-2(a)(1) in Union County Superior Court. Testimony at Latham’s hearing indicated that the DeCavalcante organized crime family was involved with the ring. The case against Latham was investigated by the Waterfront Commission with the assistance of Detective Oliver Kalebota from the Union County Prosecutor’s Office.









Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor