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Longshore Registration Revoked for Association With Organized Crime

December 18, 2012

           On December 18, 2012, the Commission unanimously revoked the longshore registration of Margaret “Margo” Dillin. The Commission found that Dillin was expelled from ILA Local 1588 by the Federally-appointed Administrator for engaging in prohibited association with an organized crime figure, namely Nicholas Furina of the Genovese Family in deliberate violation of the clear and unambiguous direction of the Local’s Administrator; that Dillin bragged about her relationship with Furina to co-workers and implied that she would and did benefit from this relationship and that Dillin received and accepted certain referential job assignments over more senior, qualified ILA local members. The Commission found that these actions and her expulsion from the union rendered her presence at the piers a danger to the public peace and safety.

           Additionally, the Commission found that Dillin violated the Waterfront Commission Act’s ban against association with organized crime figures under circumstances where such association creates a reasonable belief that her participation in any activity required to be registered under the Act would be inimical to the policies of the Waterfront Commission Act.

           Dillin’s hearing before an Administrative Law Judge spanned over three months. In recommending the revocation of Dillin’s registration, the Administrative Law Judge wrote; “considering the reason for the Waterfront Commission Act … there could be no more serious violation than meeting with an organized crime figure.” The Commission agreed with the Judge’s findings and recommendations and ordered her registration be revoked immediately.







Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor