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Ports America Hiring Agent Removed from Waterfront for Associating with Members of the Genovese Family

September 18, 2012

           Ports America Hiring Agent Pasquale Pontoriero ‘s license was revoked by unanimous Commission vote today. After a 14 month hearing, an Administrative Law Judge found that the Commission had proved “by clear and convincing evidence” all of the charges against Pontoriero. Pontoriero had been charged in an Amended Notice of Hearing with associating with Genovese Capo Tino Fiumara and Genovese soldier Stephen DePiro; both of who were also career offenders and convicted racketeers. Pontoriero was also found by the Administrative Law Judge to lack the good character and integrity required for a Hiring Agent. The Administrative Law Judge recommended that Pontoriero’s license as a Hiring Agent be revoked. The Commission agreed with his findings and recommendation.

            Fiumara died in September of 2010; DePiro is currently serving a federal prison sentence and awaiting trial on federal racketeering charges involving the extortion of ILA members in the Port.




           A copy of the Administrative Judge’s Report is attached: PDF





Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor