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Cleaning Company and its Owner Removed from Waterfront for Employing Unregistered Labor

July 10, 2012

            By Commission order dated July 10, 2012, the cleaning company Have Broom Will Travel, Inc. and its owner Tina Diver who held temporary permits as a Pier Superintendent and a Hiring Agent were removed from working at the waterfront. Both Diver and her company were charged by the Commission with using unregistered labor to clean at Port Liberty Cruise Port. Diver was also charged with failing to cooperate with a Commission investigation and with lacking the requisite good character and integrity required for her licenses by lying under oath about using unregistered labor at the port.

            The Commission actions were the result of the Commissionersí approval of the request by Diver and have Broom Will Travel to withdraw their licenses with prejudice as set forth in their respective Notices of Hearing. A hearing on the charges had begun in front of an administrative law judge when Diver indicated that she did not wish to contest the charges against her and her company.







Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor