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Special Craft Longshoreman’s Registration Revoked

July 10, 2012

            Special Craft Longshoreman Brian Howell’s registration was revoked today by Commission vote. After a hearing on the matter, an Administrative Law Judge recommended that Howell’s registration be revoked because of his conviction for Aggravated Assault with Bodily Injury and that his continued presence at the port constituted a danger to the peace and public safety. The judge found “particularly compelling that Howell would attack with such ferocity, a woman who had already borne him one child and who was pregnant with a second child” – relying on testimony and the facts underlying his Aggravated Assault conviction. The Commissioners concurred with the Administrative Law Judge’s recommendation and revoked Howell’s registration.

            Howell had been temporarily suspended by the Commission on March 20, 2012 following his arrest and pending his administrative hearing.







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