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Longshore Applicant Withdraws Application with Prejudice After Being Charged with Various Violations of the Waterfront Commission Act
Including Association with Member of the Genovese Organized Crime Family.

September 13, 2021

The Waterfront Commission today accepted the request of Emilio Cuomo, 61, of Staten Island, New York, to withdraw with prejudice his application for registration in the Longshore Register as a Maintenance Man with sponsorship from American Maritime Services of New Jersey. At the time of his request, he faced 21 counts at an administrative hearing of violating the Waterfront Commission Act. The Notice of Hearing included allegations that Cuomo associated with Stephen “Stevie” Lawrence Gallo, who has been identified by law enforcement as a member of the Genovese crime family and Jerry Romano, who was convicted of Illegal Gambling by the United States District Court, Eastern District of New York, in 2008. Cuomo was also charged with multiple counts of fraud, deceit and misrepresentation for denying under oath knowing Gallo and Romano and communicating with them among other counts.

Facing 21 counts of violating the Waterfront Commission Act, Cuomo requested the withdrawal with prejudice of his application. The Commission accepted that request.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor