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Longshoreman’s Registration Revoked and Longshoreman Applicant Denied Registration Based on Street Gang Association and Fraud, Deceit or Misrepresentation

July 12, 2021

The Waterfront Commission denied Kenneth Lamberth’s application for inclusion in the longshoreman’s register as a warehouseman and also revoked the temporary registration of Savill Griffin as a warehouseman and denied Griffin’s application for permanent registration in the longshore register. The Commission’s decision followed a hearing before an Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) who found that Lamberth and Griffin committed acts of fraud, deceit and misrepresentation and associated with each other along with the following organized crime figures and career offenders:

  1. Lamberth, 32, of Piscataway, NJ, associated with Anthony “Ant Man Cuso” Thomas, a member of the 9-3 Headbusters set of the Bloods. The ALJ noted that “Ant Man” had been identified as a bloods associate since 2010. “Ant Man” was convicted of possession of a firearm in New Jersey and the racketeering activity of conspiracy to manufacture a controlled substance in Pennsylvania. The ALJ noted that Lamberth and “Ant Man” are long-time friends and that Lamberth recently appeared in “Ant Man’s” video Damu Penda, promoting membership in the 9-3 Headbusters through acts of violence, mayhem, drug dealing and murder.
  2. Griffin, 32, also of Piscataway, associated with Derwin Booker, a member of the Neighborhood Bloods (“NHB”) set of the Bloods. The ALJ noted that Booker has been identified as a leader in the New Brunswick NHB set. Booker is a career offender convicted of the racketeering offense of robbery. Booker was also convicted of unlawful possession of a weapon and aggravated assault. The ALJ noted that Griffin and Booker’s friendship has continued unabridged since Griffin was in his teens.
  3. Lamberth and Griffin, as associates identified by law enforcement of the 9-3 Headbusters and NHB, also associated with each other. The ALJ noted that the presence of each at the piers or other waterfront terminals in the Port of New York district constitutes a danger to the public peace or safety through their associations and fraud. Lamberth recently appeared in and promoted the 9-3 Headbusters set through his appearance in a readily available YouTube and Facebook video promoting the 9-3 Headbusters. Griffin promoted membership in the Neighborhood Bloods through his openly visible NHB neck tattoo. Griffin and Lamberth have known each other since high school.
  4. Lamberth was previously convicted of racketeering offenses including two counts of conspiracy to commit robbery and one count of attempted theft.

   The ALJ noted that Lamberth’s decision to promote Blood membership through the Damu Penda video and Griffin’s promotion of Blood membership through his NHB tattoo “strikes at the heart of the Waterfront Commission’s efforts to combat criminal influence on the piers. Fear of organized crime has been instilled over decades. It is among the means routinely used by organized crime to control unions and businesses operating on the Manhattan and New Jersey waterfronts. Fear of retaliation curbs longshoreman from cooperating with law enforcement.”

   The ALJ further found that Lamberth had committed multiple acts of fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation on his sworn application and during a sworn interview before the Commission in response to questions related to his relationship with members of the Bloods, criminal history and work history. The ALJ also found that Griffin committed fraud deceit or representation on his sworn application related to his relationship with members and associates of the Bloods.

   Today, the Commission adopted the ALJ’s findings and denied Kenneth Lamberth’s application for inclusion in the longshoreman’s register as a warehouseman and ordered the immediate revocation of Griffin’s temporary registration as a warehouseman and the denial of Griffin’s application for permanent inclusion in the longshore register.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor