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Port Watchman Removed from Port by Commission Sentenced to Two Years in Federal Prison as a Loanshark for the Colombo Family

March 30, 2021

Federal District Court Judge Brian Colgan today sentenced Dominick “the Lion” Ricigliano, 31, of Staten Island, to two years in federal prison after his conviction by plea to Extortionate Extension of Credit Conspiracy. Co-conspirator, Colombo Family Soldier Thomas “the Plumber” Scorcia, will be sentenced next week. Ricigliano was one of 20 individuals arrested including three made members of the Colombo Family on September 3, 2019 on charges including Racketeering, Loansharking and Extortion.

Ricigliano had been a Port Watchman. He was charged by a Notice of Hearing that he had willfully attempted to misappropriate money from his employer, Maher Terminals LLC, in Elizabeth, New Jersey, by creating or reinforcing a false impression that he worked during a period of time when he was, in fact, not working. In addition, the Notice of Hearing alleged that Ricigliano lacked good character and integrity and had violated multiple regulations pertaining to security officers. On August 14, 2017, the Commission accepted the request of Dominick Ricigliano to surrender his license as a port watchman with prejudice and barred him from the waterfront.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor