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Mechanic Application Denied after Commission Finds that Applicant’s Presence on the Waterfront Would Constitute a Danger to the Public Peace or Safety

March 22, 2021

The Commission denied the application for longshoreman as a mechanic of Gregory Quintero, 30, of Bayonne, New Jersey today. Following an administrative hearing before Administrative Law Judge Frank Lanzo, the Commission established that Quintero’s presence on the waterfront would constitute a danger to the public peace or safety, which warranted denial of his application.

During the hearing, Quintero’s testimony was inconsistent with his sworn Commission interviews, and he attempted to minimize his involvement in the events in question. The ALJ noted that Quintero’s “willingness to shade the truth if he perceives it to be beneficial to his cause was damaging to his credibility,” and found that Quintero “is likely to turn a blind eye” to criminal activity on the waterfront.

After considering the entire record, the Commission adopted the ALJ’s findings and denied Quintero’s application.

Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor